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Professional Pay Per Click Management

We Specialise in Pay Per Click (PPC) management and to generate great results from your campaign our objective is to do more than just drive a lot of traffic to your site, we aim to drive the “right” traffic.

We take the time to find out who you are, what your business does or offers and then discuss and agree the strategy for your Google Adword campaign.

By taking the time to get to know you and your business, our analysts can carry out in-depth keyword research , SEO website analysis and then develop a campaign strategy that will help you pay less, get more clicks, and achieve higher conversion rates.

Pay Per Click Management

When a customer clicks and lands on your page, they need to be able to see immediately what it was they were searching for. Many campaigns fail for this very reason because the ads they are running are not totally relevant to the landing page they lead to. In this situation Google can penalise the campaign by giving it a low quality score and the outcome of this is often poor reults and higher costs.

Using our knowledge and expertise in keyword research and search engine optimisation, we create a keyword rich and optimised landing page, that will deliver exactly the information that your ads have promised. This makes your customers happy, the search engines happy and will end up making you happy with a higher ROI!

Integrating SEO with Pay Per Click

By combining pay per click management with SEO techniques, not only will this increase your campaign’s relevancy and quality score, this approach will also help you get more free traffic from Google, as your website climbs higher in search engine rankings.

Google Adword Campaign Management

Google Adwords is proven to be one of the most efficient methods of gaining business via the Internet. We set up Google Adword campaigns and manage them for our clients. Through active campaign management; manipulation of landing pages, adverts and budget management, we are able to increase the ROI for Adword campaigns

With Google Adword campaigns we can help with the following:

  • The setup and management of Google Adword campaigns
  • Audit existing Google Adword campaigns to make them work better
  • Monitor, Report and Consult on results and improvements

We aim to increase the CTR (Click Though Rate) through the use of landing pages and through active campaign management. This approach achieves a better Google quality score for the campaign, which influences where your ads appear and often results in a lower CPC (Cost Per Click) than competitors advertising around you.

Our typical setup and management of a Google Adword Campaign would involve the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Campaign setup with Ad groups and phrases
  • Advert creation
  • Landing page creation and editing
  • Linking your Adword account with Google Analytics to monitor results

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