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Today, it’s not just about great web design, it’s about your entire approach to digital marketing and what steps you take to make sure you get a your share of the online marketplace.

Mintcake has over 10 years experience helping businesses like yours by integrating web design, web applications, SEO, Pay-Per-Click advertising, social media marketing and content marketing, to create a highly effective digital marketing campaign.

Our Kendal based team have the knowledge and skills needed to create an overall campaign plan that suits your budget and helps you to achieve your business objectives.

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Web Design

By combining strategy, creativity and technology with a focus on driving sales, we work closely with you to develop a website that will capture your audience’s imagination and engage them in a powerful online experience.

Web Applications

Whether you need a highly interactive website or a database driven web application, we have the skills and experience needed to make your project a success.

Search Engine Optimisation

Today the starting point for anyone searching for products and services is a search engine like Google. This means it is now vitally important that your site is easy to find online.

Paid Advertising

Improving Conversions

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing


To connect with today’s buyer, you need to stop pushing your message out and start pulling your customers in. The rules of marketing are changing and the key to winning is to use digital marketing to your advantage.

How To Be Successful At Digital Marketing

Discover our infographic and take a journey through creating a digital marketing strategy that works.

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