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How to make digital marketing successful

The ultimate aim of any company who has a digital presence is to generate online enquiries. Having the perfect website is not enough (not matter how pleased you are with it) if none of your potential customers can actually find it.

Do a quick search on Google for one of key products or services – is your website showing in the top results? Does it rank alongside your local competitors? If the answer is no then potential customers are going elsewhere.

Any successful digital marketing campaign should focus on proven techniques such as content creation, search engine marketing, social media engagement and conversion optimisation. When done the right way digital marketing will bring targeted visitors to your website ready to make an enquiry. Digital marketing isn’t a quick win, it’s a long term strategy that requires time and effort but any investment can be returned many times over.

The infographic can be viewed below:

Digital Marketing Infographic: How To Make Digital Marketing Successful

As we’re a Cumbrian based digital marketing agency, we’ve put together a suitably themed infographic telling the story of a successful digital marketing strategy:

digital marketing infographic

A digital marketing infographic detailing the ingredients of a successful digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is an essential part of any marketing strategy

Now more than ever people take to search engines before making a purchase. In fact 81% conduct online research with a massive majority choosing a search engine as their first port of call.

A successful digital marketing strategy also provides small businesses with a cost effective way of competing with larger companies. More traditional advertising mediums can often be dominated by big businesses with large budgets, this leaves little opportunities for a small business owner. Using digital marketing the right way allows any business to gain strong online visibility, firstly locally but then also even gain traction on a national level.

Digital marketing should include a future proof website

Modern websites should not only look great but also use the latest development techniques to ensure they’re easy to manage and work efficiently. In 2017, a responsive design should be implemented from the start. A responsive website is easy to view and navigate around regardless of whether it’s viewed on a mobile or desktop computer, the layout dynamically reacts to the size of screen it’s being viewed on.

As you’ll want to keep costs to a minimum being able to instantly add and edit content as you require is vital. Using a recognised content management system such as WordPress removes the need to rely on a web developer to make simple changes for you.

Increase your online visibility to bring in qualified website visitors

Generating visits to your website should be central to any well thought through digital marketing strategy. Recognised search engine optimisation techniques will build your online presence and position your website to bring in visitors and build your brand presence.

Search engine optimisation will build strong search engine rankings for the right keywords, social media marketing will create conversions with your audience, and the use of email will build trusted relationships.

Create content your audience finds useful and interesting

Who’s heard to term ‘Content Is King’? In was famously stated by Bill Gates as far back as 1996 when internet marketing was very much in its infancy. In 2017 the statement has never been truer.

Creating useful and interesting website content that engages visitors is fundamental to successful digital marketing strategies.

However, content creation is just to start. The key to building visitors is to widely communicate your great content through your digital channels. Your blog and social media profiles are an ideal place to start, as well as promoting your content through outreach and link building.

Convert your website visitors into paying customers

Even if you’ve built an online presence and have a constant stream of qualified website visitors, unless your website is easy to use and provides a great experience, it won’t take long for them to leave and go elsewhere.

Conversion rate optimisation is about building trust and making it as easy as possible for visitors to find what they’re looking for, and then ultimately place a sales enquiry.

Only then will you begin to see a return on your digital marketing efforts.

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