Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Based in Kendal, Cumbria, Mintcake has over 10 years experience in helping businesses like yours achieve strong search rankings and generate targeted visitors. We also know how to help you convert these visitors into enquiries or orders and our focus is ensuring you achieve a good return on your investment.

Our expert team have a proven record of increasing search engine visibility for a wide variety of websites, many in highly competitive industries.

Before undertaking any SEO campaign we perform a full audit of your website and speak to you about your individual business goals. We’ll then research your market to evaluate search volumes and gain an understanding of your competitors. From here we can create a detailed SEO strategy built around achieving the best possible return for your business.

Modern SEO should be focused on creating a highly engaging and useful website which is centred around the user experience. Google wants to rank websites that are firstly useful, but also those that position themselves as authorities in their field. Creating engaging content and building websites focused on user experience is now a key part of any successful SEO strategy.

Our team like nothing more than studying website statistics to gain a detailed understanding of how visitors interact with your site. When you couple that with our technical knowledge and proven SEO techniques, you can be assured Mintcake Digital can achieve results in any search campaign.

We’re delighted to provide search engine optimisation services to many businesses across Cumbria. Many of whom have selected Mintcake to build their websites as well as manage their overall digital marketing strategy.

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A long term cost effective marketing strategy

One of the main benefits of SEO over other internet marketing activities is the relatively low-cost. This is because once your site has achieved a high ranking position, providing you do all the right things, it’s often much easier to keep it there.

An excellent return on investment

The great return on investment offered by effective search engine optimisation is one of the main benefits over paid advertising like Google Adwords for example. After the initial effort and investment of achieving good rankings you will reap the reward of a great ROI.

SEO is cost effective

Provided your website is designed well and optimised to a high standard, the site will be constantly visible in search engines. By comparison with pay per click advertising, the listing will be taken down immediately once the daily budget has been spent.

Generate more revenue through your website

Make sure your website works for you, not the other way round! Higher rankings result in increased numbers of visitors, which in turn leads to more enquiries or orders.