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Are you looking for a more cost-effective approach to print buying? 

Mintcake Design offer a print management service that combines our extensive database of trade print suppliers with the latest in web to print storefront technology to provide a cost-effective solution for your print buying needs.

How We Work

We start by auditing your printing needs to assess how we can help you to:

  • Save money by reviewing the specification of the printed material being used
  • Streamlining your ordering processes by providing you with your own web to print storefront
  • Provide stock control facilities to control your stock more effectively

We will then identify the most competitive printer (or combination of printers) to meet your needs.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team can help making changes to your existing artwork or creating new artwork for new products or to support your promotional activities.

Where appropriate we will also set these up as templates in your web to print storefront.
The Mintcake Web to Print Storefront

Our web to print storefront solution provides you with an online ordering interface to allow you to quickly and easily place orders whilst maintaining the integrity of your brand.

There are three main areas where a storefront delivers advantages:

  • Print Templates – used to customise print items such as business cards, flyers, leaflets etc
  • Stock Items – allows you to control stock levels and reduce costs
  • On-Demand Printing – utilise short-run printing with fast turnarounds to reduce stock holding

You can also choose who is authorised to place orders and automated workflow ensures all orders are checked and approved before they are placed.

Print Supplier Independence

Unlike many web to print storefront providers, Mintcake provides you with complete independence over the choice of print supplier. Orders can be routed to your existing printer or we can help you to select the most appropriate printer for your needs.

Non-Print Items

The Mintcake storefront can also be used to control the purchase of non-print items like promotional gifts or any other kind of product where secure online ordering would improve the efficiency of your day-to-day purchasing operations.
Mintcake Print Benefits

The Mintcake web to print management solution provides the following benefits for your organisation:

  • Marketing – improved effectiveness through personalisation
  • Reduced Costs – access to the most competitive print rates
  • Procurement Efficiencies – automated ordering with single monthly statement
  • On Demand – reduce your stock holding by taking advantage of short-run printing
  • Template Customisation – save on design costs and reduce errors whilst maintaining brand integrity
  • Stock control – improved utilisation and reduced costs
  • Information – available to management to better control print spending
  • Reduced Administration Costs – using an online interface combined with efficient workflow processes
  • Integration – link your storefront with management or accounting systems
  • Management Control – over print spending

For more information about the Mintcake web to print management service contact us now on 01539 900 020 or book a free consultation now.

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