Web design in Cumbria – why it is important, and is yours letting you down?

Having a website means you have presence beyond geographical borders and the potential to reach sizeable audiences. Yet poor website design could be affecting your conversion of visitors to customers. Seize the opportunity to maximise business success in Cumbria and beyond with this helpful guide to great website design.

Guide visitors around

Time is of the essence online, because people don’t hang around to hear what you have to say. Simple navigation has always been the foundation of good website design. A site can look good, but if visitors can’t find what they are looking for, they will leave. Ensure your business description, contact details and product/service links are obvious from the homepage. Test the number of clicks a visitor has to perform to make an enquiry with you and keep it short!

Great website design demands great content

Focus on providing relevant and interesting content on your website. Stay disciplined on the number of words used so that only the best content makes the shortlist. It is a good exercise to describe what your business does within a limited character count, just as you would for a Twitter post. Plan to take visitors on a journey through your website, grabbing attention at the outset and leading on to more informative detail within the product/service pages.

Work well on every device

Optimisation for mobile devices is a must. There is nothing more frustrating than a website that doesn’t load properly on a mobile phone. Visitors should have a consistent experience on your website, regardless of how they have accessed it. A responsive website works well with short and concise content, because it is easily consumed via a smaller screen. Quick links to contact pages and automatic dial numbers assist people on the move.

Visuals speak volumes

Visitors will judge your business by how it looks online. Just as a shop window will be dressed to attract people, your website needs to shine. Choose images that project exactly what you do or create a style that captures the imagination. Whether emotive or purposeful, the visuals on your website should speak volumes.

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