Web design in Cumbria – how businesses can benefit from great design

Now more than ever it’s important for companies to have a great online presence. Here at Mintcake Digital, we’ve been in the Kendal area since 2011 and we’ve learnt a thing or two about web design in Cumbria and the North Lancashire area. Here are some of the benefits of what good web design can do for you.

Customer access all round the clock

With a good website design, you’re giving your customer the option to browse your services 24/7. This is especially useful for people who operate outside normal business hours. If your website is their first port of call, it’s important to have your contact details displayed clearly. Better still, consider a web contact form integrated into your site to allow an instant form of communication.

Expand through ecommerce

Got something to sell? Don’t be limited to telephone orders or in-store enquiries. With a website designed to sell your product, you’re going to be expanding your market in no time. People love the convenience of buying or booking online, especially if it’s no more than a few clicks away from your homepage.

First impressions of your business

Web design can influence people’s expectations of the company. A sharp and sleek website gives an air of professionalism, but a cluttered or broken website can be a huge turn-off. Mintcake Digital specialise in web design in Cumbria and the surrounding areas, and can work with you to produce a personalised website that is tailored to you and fit your company’s aesthetic.

Win new clients

You may have exhausted traditional forms of advertising, but with a good website you’re moving beyond the conventional marketing channels. With SEO and Google AdWords integrated into a great website, new customers can find your business much easier than before. You’ll be able to track and locate your web visitors too, helping you learn more about your growing marketplace.

Mintcake Digital, experts in web design in Cumbria, can help you build a website that forms the basis of a strong online presence, from search engines to social media. If you feel you or your company can benefit from a top website, contact us now to learn how to make the most of the web.