The elements of digital marketing in Cumbria

You may already be well ahead in your digital marketing strategy, but are you aware of the main areas for the most successful digital marketing campaigns? This is what the big hitters are focusing on – and what you should be delivering too.


Everyone knows that content is king, and Google’s power has changed the ways in which marketers utilise content – with original, high value and quality content rewarding creators with better search rankings and more traffic. Remember, your content must provide value, lure visitors in and then work them through a lead-to-conversion process, offering something for them at every stage.

Email marketing

This is still a key part of digital marketing and a great way to pull visitors back to your homepage or the point online where you convert users. Emails can be used as teasers for new content or to deliver targeted offers. It is non-intrusive and low-cost, and – when used well – can be highly effective.

Affiliate marketing & PPC

Affiliate platforms are widely available and allow you to grow visits to your digital assets quickly without large advertising spend. PPC is also key and delivered primarily via Google Adwords, whose ads rack up millions of clicks daily. Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram offer similar approaches to marketing in a highly targeted way with a defined budget. Online marketers also deliver Pay Per View campaigns via platforms such as YouTube. Most brands will use a specialist agency to help them deliver online marketing strategies.


Reputation management is essential for building and maintaining your online presence. Some brands use Trustpilot and similar services to build up positive reviews in order to demonstrate their trustworthiness as a quality provider. This can be a useful approach to boosting conversions.

Social media

Most businesses have good social media presence nowadays, but these channels need to be well maintained. The focus is firstly on growing an audience and the second is sending them to your website, where you begin the conversion process. The social media platform is there to push traffic to your conversion and landing pages with top-quality, relevant content that engages the reader.


Search Engine Optimisation is still vital, with link building, optimising page speeds, writing good HTML and removing duplicate content still essential. This is a long-term strategy that will reap rewards over time.


SEO requires brands to have mobile versions of their websites that are completely optimised for mobile devices in order to deliver a seamless experience. This means that you must have a responsive website design at the very least – and you may also want an app.

Ask the Experts

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