“The 7 truths of website design”

With the rate that it’s growing, and the vast amount of information that is now stored and analysed, we ask the question: at what point will the internet become self-aware?

Here’s a really interesting site to get you started:

Internet live statistics

Ok, we’re only joking (we hope!) about the self-awareness, but the fact that there are so many sites, and so many being added, and generally so much digital activity, means that you have to think very carefully before you plan your own …

… and that’s where experts can help you.

  1. It’s easy to build a website. Clever people have built development tools and designed templates which enable people with no programming knowledge whatsoever to build websites and get them up and running.  You’ve probably even seen adverts on the television!
  2. It’s hard to get found. With so many sites, how will yours be found?  You need to be on the first page of a Google search, realistically.
  3. It’s hard to get on the first page of a Google search. Believe us, we know!  We’ve been achieving it for our customers for many years … and the knowledge you need, how that knowledge is exploited, and the ongoing effort involved, is considerable.
  4. You only make a first impression once. There is lots of evidence – much of it (helpfully) supplied by Google themselves – which points to the fact that users make, to all intents and purposes, an instantaneous decision, having visited your site, on whether to stay on it or move on.
  5. Your first impression had better be good. Wouldn’t it be sad if, having been found, people don’t stay on your site because they don’t like it, whatever the reason?
  6. Your second, third, fourth, fifth (et cetera) impressions had better be good too. It would be only slightly less sad, if at all, if users stayed on your site for a couple of minutes, perhaps looked at some other pages, and then moved on without buying anything (or doing whatever you’d like them to do).
  7. Don’t panic! There IS a solution, and it’s quite straightforward.  You simply need to find an agency that understands all this … and more importantly knows what to do about it.

Over the coming months we’ll be looking at each of these 7 truths in detail, focussing on the background, the context, the questions and the answers.  We’ll take you on a voyage of discovery which will be informative and (we hope) enjoyable, and will help you make all the right decisions when it comes to your website design.

If you can’t wait that long, and are simply bursting with enthusiasm to get started, why not check out our own website here, or contact us either on-line here or on 01539 900 020


and we’ll be absolutely delighted to get you going.