SEO in Cumbria – How it can help businesses in Cumbria grow

How can your small company in Cumbria utilise SEO to grow you into a bigger, or at least more profitable, firm? SEO isn’t just there for the big boys anymore, it’s a great way to get your company top of the rankings in your area for certain keywords and also helps potential customers find what they need.

Increased traffic = more customers

Quite simply, SEO works by improving the rankings and visibility of your company online by optimising it according to search engine algorithms. For small companies in Cumbria, this has long been a problem, when so many larger urban firms dominate cyberspace. By improving your rankings and general visibility, you will ultimately increase the traffic that comes your way. Increased traffic can only have one effect and that’s more custom, which is what you need to see your business start growing.

SEO and the local factor

SEO based on location is becoming a bigger and bigger concept that small companies need to jump on. Where you are is technically what sets you apart from other businesses and if you’re a small business for whom location is important to the customer (e.g. a hairdresser, plumber, wedding caterer or landscape gardener), making sure your location features as part of your search engine optimisation in Cumbria is essential. In other words, there’s no good setting up your keywords for your hairdresser in Cockermouth without the term ‘Cockermouth’ used in conjunction with them – the right customers will never find you.

SEO in Cumbria doesn’t have to cost the Earth

SEO used to be very expensive and could only be enjoyed by large firms who had such a budget. Now local marketing firms can help incorporate SEO into your general web design and marketing budget. In fact, sometimes you just need a web design company to help you with the framework and then leave you to create content for yourself. Social media is also a great source of content which you can share through your own channels, helping your SEO ranking in other ways.

SEO is key when it comes to growth for small companies, especially those in rural areas such as Cumbria.

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