SEO Cumbria: Pay Per Click vs organic searches for Cumbrian businesses

For most businesses, search engine marketing is a key factor in generating traffic for their websites. When your potential customers in Cumbria search for a desired service, your main goal is to ensure that they will see your online presence in their search results.

But how exactly do you lead your audience to your page?

You may already have heard the terms organic SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay-per-click) before, but which method is best for increasing your search ranking and driving more customers to your business?

With organic SEO, the clue is in the word ‘organic’ – naturally occurring and longer-lasting. By optimising your site with the right keywords and internal links, your site will appear in the main body of their search results. It helps to build brand awareness, your credibility as a business and, ultimately, instills trust from the customer.

PPC acts as paid advertising space – your website appears as an ad in search results, which is usually situated at the top of search engine results pages or as a banner ad. You bid on your ad to appear in the sponsored results section, and each time someone clicks on your ad, you pay a small fee for the privilege. Whilst SEO may seem more of a slow-burn in comparison, PPC can be a quick way of building click rates and ensuring your website appears on the top pages of Google.

So which method is the right option for your business in Cumbria?

Whilst PPC and SEO can be used in harmony, PPC is great for social media advertising and to reach a wide audience in a short space of time. However, it does requires significant monetary investment to sustain the high search rankings compared to organic SEO. There are some consumers who avoid PPC ads altogether and prefer to click on non-advertised links if they feel it is too heavily promoted. Organic SEO helps to deliver consistent traffic over time, and can help you build an authoritative presence with high-quality content.

Need digital marketing help?

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