Google launches it’s new logo

Not only has Google just created a holding company for itself called “Alphabet”, with Google now a subsidiary branch of Alphabet, it has now changed its logo as well.

The new logo and reasons behind the change were unveiled on Google’s blog on the 1st September 2015 and this marks a big stage in not just Google’s evolution, but the worlds as well. With more devices now providing a means to access Google, Google has designed its new logo as a way of not just recognising this, but also adapting to it as well.

As such, Google has created its new logo as one that works seamlessly on the different sized screens across the variety of devices. For example, with mobile device and tablet searches that use the microphone search options that Google enables, the new Google logo seamlessly morphs into a microphone logo with the same colour format of the branding that Google has. This transition is a demonstration that Google is continuing to adapt and be a part of the changing technological world.

Find out more information from Google’s own blog here