The essential features in your website’s design

Building a new website for your business? Then make sure your agency includes these key features to stay ahead of the curve.

The importance of your homepage

Your business website is where you make your first impression – and you know what they say about those! For this reason, your homepage is one of the most essential pages on your site and it will get the majority of incoming traffic, which you need to be ready to convert into leads. This means optimising your homepage using the following tactics.

The headline

This needs to be clear, succinct and powerful – rapidly explaining what the website is for in just 3 seconds of reading time. You’ll need a subheader too, which explains who you are in a jargon-free manner, and which introduces a common pin-point which instantly attracts the attention of your visitor and begins to build rapport.

Optimise your calls to action

Your homepage exists to encourage visitors to explore your website and delve into your digital sales funnel, so include 2-3 calls to action above the fold, directing them to different parts of your purchase cycle. For example, you might invite them to attend an event, sign up to a newsletter, contact your team or buy outright.

Imagery and design

Use a web designer to ensure that the homepage template is Google friendly, uses high-quality design and imagery and is in line with your brand. Avoid stock images – commission on-brand, quality and unique imagery that really brings your offer to life.


Make sure your content is written to be digital friendly – easy to skim, written from a benefits-led perspective, minimising jargon and encouraging visitors to delve further in to your offer. Include testimonials and photos of happy customers to build rapport and trust. Include some value-added content such as a free paper, e-book or white paper to immediately position your brand in the right way. Other key things to include are details of accreditations, news and blogs for SEO purposes and a resources section, along with any secondary calls to action for topical items.

Navigation and linking

A good web design agency will ensure that the navigation on your homepage is clear, visitor-friendly and simple. They will also integrate your social media feeds and ensure that the build of your site is Google friendly to increase your search engine rankings.

Great web design Cumbria agencies such as Mintcake Digital will be well adept at incorporating these features, so speak to the experts about how they can help you to build the most effective possible website for your digital spend.  Call today on 01539 900 020 to speak to one of the team, or contact them here.