Digital Marketing in Cumbria – why is it so important?

As a result of digital media channels, consumers are taking in more information than ever before. Whether through websites, social media or advertising on other digital channels, brands and businesses can only survive amongst their competitors if they adopt a digital marketing strategy – and fast. This is even true for smaller companies, and digital marketing in Cumbria is just as crucial for local businesses as it is for large global brands working in the world’s biggest business hubs.

Digital marketing in Cumbria – gateway to a world of customers.

Reach new customers

Arguably the greatest thing about digital marketing is that it allows you to reach customers you would never have reached through traditional marketing channels. When you carry out digital marketing in Cumbria, you are actually building your shop front for the rest of the world. Through SEO and Google AdWords, you can outshine your competitors in search and be found more easily online.


Digital marketing is comparatively cheap. It is undeniably more affordable to market your business online than it is to pay for expensive print ads, wasteful flyers, radio ads or one-off event sponsorship. Not only is it less expensive, but you can actually reach a larger audience and ask that audience to take action with the click of a button, removing barriers to sale.

Track, analyse, plan

You can also monitor and analyse the results of your marketing efforts. This lets you more effectively plan your marketing strategy by getting detailed results about what customers responded to, and even what types of customers you attracted. This level of analysis would be almost impossible to attain through offline marketing.

Meet your customers where they are

Perhaps the most compelling argument for introducing a digital marketing strategy is that more and more people are living their lives online. Even where a customer discovers your brand offline, they will quite soon look for your website or social media pages -and you don’t want to disappoint. If you were handing out leaflets for your business, you would go to where you were most likely to find your target audience – that place is now online.

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