What’s the most common local business people search Google for?

A new study released by Bright Local has revealed the most common searched for local businesses on Google and how consumers use Google to do their research.

A key finding was to ask consumers what type of local businesses they look for on Google – details below:

The most commonly search for local businesses are:

  1. Restaurants and cafes (56%)
  2. Grocery stores (37%)
  3. Clothing stores (34%)
  4. Hotels and B&Bs (34%)
  5. Medical practices and healthcare (28%)

Overall the study found that 87% of the respondents had recently used Google to find a business, with many stating that they have searched for businesses in several industries.

Other Key Findings Of The Study:

  • Consumers trust details from local business websites more than Google My Business or online directories
  • 64% of consumers have used Google My Business to find contact details for local businesses
  • The GMB features consumers are most likely to have used – 1. Opening hours, 2. Directions, and 3. Reading reviews
  • Only 8% of consumers never look at websites when choosing which local business to use
  • 50% of consumers who be deterred from using a local business if contact information was out of date on their website
  • 56% of consumers expect a local businesses website to have the most accurate information

Clearly the study has found how it’s now more important than ever how a strong local search presence is for many industries. Having both an up to date Google My Business profile and businesses website is vital if you’re to build awareness and customer trust.

If you need help with any part of improving your local search rankings please get in touch, we’d be delighted to answer your questions.